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·Automobile lamps and lanterns of green coating production line
·Car wheel hub green coating production line
·Plasticizing automotive spare parts green coating production line
·All electronic interlocking system integration
·Railway signal interlocking system integration
·Railway comprehensive dispatching information system integration
·Lanzhou dacheng consortium won the solar-thermal power generation demonstration..
·Congratulations to my company project in gansu province..
·Congratulations to my company project won two awards
·Warm congratulations on van into elected vice general manager of China..
·Congratulations to my President van flourishing company won..
·Reprint Lanzhou jiaotong university was established60Weeks of age..
·In lanzhou, gansu provincial party committee secretary Lin duo visit condolences..
·Lanzhou dacheng concentrated energy technology co., LTD
·Changzhou dacheng green coating technology co., LTD
·Lanzhou dacheng vacuum technology co., LTD
·Lanzhou dacheng railway signal co., LTD
·Gansu jinchuan solar co., LTD
·The international solar energy utilization technology center in gansu province
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